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Grief and Choice

  I’ve always been pro-choice although I was always aware that personally I wouldn’t chose abortion if it’s possible but I was imaginative enough to envision situations in which you would feel compelled to do so. It always seemed like… Continue Reading →

Reality vs. Sanity

There’s underlying scary prospects of reality. Reality is the thing through which we measure our sanity. But on the matter of what exactly is real we can only suspect  but never truly know. Our opinion of what is reality changes… Continue Reading →

Point of View (PoV) for Dummies

  My favourite reads were always sagas and I hated when they would end because even when we end the story life goes on. In a sense I think that our characters have a life of their own it spans… Continue Reading →

Making a Good Plot Twist

Sometimes listening to cartoons in the background is enough for a writer’s breakthrough. The small things will make you tick more than an enormous effort we can put into attacking the wall that stands between us and dream world we’re… Continue Reading →

Being a Writer

Browsing around internet searching for pointers about building your image as a writer brought me to an opinion that we should sell ourselves as people that we should say our why. Why do we write? Why do I write? What’s… Continue Reading →

John Watson, a Highly Functional Sociopath

A character study of John Watson from BBC series Sherlock.   It sounds like a pun really, and I don’t expect allot of points for this, but an overwhelming pile of evidence made me twist what was said into what… Continue Reading →

9 Reasons For Writing Fan Fiction

Writing fan-fiction is a hobby of mine, I relax from my own writing doing it. You might notice that I enjoy writing enough to take a break from writing by writing. But writing fan-fiction became more than just fun for… Continue Reading →

Being a Philosopher

So, since I was a child I was writing and reading, and making up stories even before I knew how to write them down. I entered high school for secretaries to learn to type fast enough so I can catch… Continue Reading →

If I Never Failed

If I never failed I would be a much different person on a different path. But more specifically I wouldn’t be here, now and me. If I never failed I doubt I would write. I would probably be a dancer…. Continue Reading →

Being Neo or Twitter Effect

  Managing social accounts proved to be entertaining as much as educational for me. For not really social person (at least till now) I expected of myself to hate it. It turned out differently, I surprised myself as I often… Continue Reading →

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